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  • The Future of Wind in Canada

    As Canada reaches for innovations that support climate change mitigation, stimulate economic activity and meet a growing demand for energy worldwide, we are becoming more interested in this burgeoning market. Read More

  • Barriers to Wind Power in Canada

    Several barriers might be holding Canada back from becoming the wind leader it is geographically outfitted to be, such as government policy, transmission infrastructure, the procurement system, the permitting and approval process and manufacturing. Read More

  • Canada’s Wind Energy Potential

    Canada’s current wind power capacity is 2,562 megawatts (MW), enough to power over 700,000 homes. Canada’s capacity is expected to pass the 3,000 MW mark in 2009 as several new projects come online. Read More

  • Wind Farms: A Blustery Energy Mix Ingredient

    Today, there are 92 operational wind farms in Canada. Construction of a wind farm requires significant planning and is subject to the same kinds of environmental and socioeconomic approvals and planning required for its non-renewable cousins. Read More

  • Wind Energy and the Environmental Debate

    Proponents of today’s wind energy see it as an excellent alternative energy source amid a world addicted to non-renewable power. Wind power generation consumes no fuel during operation and produces no emissions in the production of electricity. Read More

  • Wind Power: A Tale of Two Myths

    Wind power is an increasingly attractive source of energy. But myths abound about it. One charge often levied is that wind power is unreliable. A second myth about wind power is that it requires more back-up than traditional energy sources. Read More